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Now Offering Massages - Massage Therapist with over 25 yrs. exp. $65.00 for 1 Hr.

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High-Tech Fountain of Youth at Ultimate Body Spa

Ultimate Body Spa owner Grace Martin Kilburn's goal is to provide a safe and relaxing atmosphere for clients to come and take a dip in the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!! "I love to see my clients smile when they walk in the door because I know they will be truly thrilled when they leave". 

Our technology has changed the way that body toning  and facial contouring  is done without the use of scalpels, fillers, costly procedures and painful healing time. We trigger the body's own recuperative and regenerative powers thru the use of microcurrent.

Our treatments are effective and long lasting because your body is actually changing itself. Inches will be lost, your muscles will get stronger, your skin will tighten, and your face will begin to take on a more defined and youthful appearance. Your body will begin to detoxify, and damaged skin will start healing itself.

The spa does everything from various facials to high-tech body toning. We are happy to help people attain that feeling of well-being and overall health while improving their appearance. Our Motto is "Give Us 60 Minutes and We'll Create a New You”. We offer many services that are unique to the spa industry.  Our LED Red light bed tackles skincare conditions from head to toe. The special light wave that is created can help reduce wrinkles, stretch marks, and various skin conditions. The results can be quite astounding. Its a terrific remedy for sun damaged skin!

Owner Grace and Associate Ray

Owner Grace and Associate Ray

Grand Opening with members of the Chamber of Commerce Vice-Mayor and Friends

Grand Opening with members of the Chamber of Commerce Vice-Mayor and Friends

Our Infrared Sauna has a remarkable ability to burn calories while detoxifying your body. A half hour session can burn up to 600 calories while you relax and listen to music.

Our professional and friendly estheticians have developed body wraps to both detoxify and thin the body. While wrapped in the soothing warmth of our specially designed heating blanket, you can feel those inches melt away and as you shower you will notice the toxins seeping out of your skin.

The best part is that our services are nonsurgical and you will leave feeling better and looking much younger. Whether you are seeking to reduce sagging skin,  tighten the jaw line, removing hyper-pigmentation, or simply treating acne,  our  machine does it all.  It also helps tone and slim the body.  Our microcurrent machine is really what sets us apart from the competition. That's why Vogue Magazine calls it the "MIRACLE MACHINE".

"Our staff is very friendly and professional and our services exceptional"

Contact our Day Spa at (954) 977-6566 in Coconut Creek, Florida, to learn which of our service is right for you!